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Hotel Review: Marriott Grand Palace in Brussels

The Fabulous Script’s Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Address: Rue Auguste Orts 3-7 / Grand Place Brussels, 1000


Phone Number: 32-2-5169090


So many reasons to love this hotel! The Marriot Hotel and Grand Palace was exactly for what I was hoping for. I had a very early flight from my previous destination to Brussels that all I wanted was a bed to take a nap, but the check-in was supposed to start at 2pm. Thank god there was a room available and I was able to check in early! That for me was everything to fall in love with this hotel.

The staff was very attentive and welcoming at all times. Always willing to help if you needed anything, even if it was something insignificant such as directions to the place we were supposed to meet our tour guide for the afternoon.

The room service was beyond expected! ! 100 % exceptional service. Not only the food was delicious, but the presentation made my dish look more yummy!

The location of this hotel is on point. The locations couldn't be better! I was right in the heart of the city happenings and at 5 minute walking distance from all the main attractions of Belgium.

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