Month: October 2017

Travel Thoughts: You can now put your face on your suitcase. Yes, you heard right!


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Surfing the web, I came across an article by Travel + Leisure Magazine that made me laugh out loud. Literally. Apparently, this company allows you to order a suitcase with a picture of your face. Isn’t this something? Imagine being at the carrousel baggage claim and suddenly one of the suitcases looks like this: Hilarious. Considering ordering one for yourself? I am. It would definitely make someone’s day.   UrlPreviewBox   Also, there are some advantages that comes with owning a suitcase like this: 1) It would be really hard to lose it. 2) No more luggage mix-up. If this happens to you often, this suitcase cover is the answer.  3) An affordable (and hilarious) present to gift this upcoming holiday season.  Prices ranges from $25 to $40.   Shop now! Click here to order the Head Case from Firebox.  * Read full article via Insider, here. All best,  About The Author Mariella Molestina Noboa Mariella loves to write about her adventures in traveling and continues to explore new places. – Learn more. 


Southern Valley, Cusco Highlights

On my last day, I had some time to spare between check out from my hotel in Cusco and the time I had to be at the airport and start heading back home to the states. For this reason, I called the travel agency (Chaska Tours) so they can recommend an activity for me to do in those 4 hours I had to spare. Their recommendation was the Southern Valley of Cusco! Located at the South of Cusco, the first stop is Tipon with many water canals a sacred place for the Incas.     On our way to the next archeological site, we stopped in a little town where the Chuta Bread comes from. The bread’s taste is very peculiar! It’s a mix of sweet with a hint of a salty afterwards taste. Sounds wierd, but its extraordinary! They produce they bread every morning. Out of the over directly to your mouth, YUM!     Pikillaqta a major pre-Inca site built by the Wari civilization.   Finally, our last stop was the lovely town …

Global Entry in Six Easy Steps

Mariella Molestina Noboa Mariella loves to write about her adventures in traveling and continues to explore new places. – Learn more.  I’ve been traveling the world for four years now, and getting my Global Entry status was always on my mind. I kept procrastinating this until one day I put my foot down and decided to do this once and for all. Little did I know what the entire process was quick and easy. Follow the detailed instructions listed below and, before you know it, you’ll be a Global Entry passenger with access to multiple perks when traveling around the world.  Getting thru customs made easy thanks to Global Entry! Here’s how to get started:   Go to the Global Entry GOES official website and create an account: Fill out the application online – At the end, review that all the information is correct. You’ll need two billing address proofs – Print it out. Make a copy of your passport and driver’s license – Print it out. Once you’ve gather all the documentation above, …

Visiting Machu Picchu: My Experience

It was still dark outside when I woke up to get ready for my Machu Picchu adventure. I took my backpack and gear I had planned the previous night, and head over to the hotel’s main lobby for breakfast. The tour guide was waiting for me at the hotel lobby at 4:30 AM sharp. The night before, the tour guide explained the importance of being on time the day of your Machu Picchu visit. Remember: everyone wants to get in line as early as possible to ride the bus to the main site. If you miss your time slot to ride the bus, you are screwed. Words are not enough how excited I was to finally see Machu Picchu. The sun rays were starting to lighten up the sky when I arrived to the top. After a pleasant bus ride, the guide gathered the group and start the archeological site visit of the lost city of the Incas.   I first entered Machu Picchu archeological site at around 7:30 AM. At this time, the fog …