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Gruyeres: Cheese, Fondue & Chocolate!

On our way to Gruyeres, we stopped at Cailler’s Chocolate Factory for a quick tour and chocolate tasting experience. Cailler is my ultimate favorite chocolate brand, so naturally I was really excited to go try all the different kinds of chocolate samples they have.


Prior to this day, I never knew the history of Chocolate. A fascinating story worth knowing. I learned so many facts about chocolate. Such as: Did you know that people called chocolate the drink of the devil because it was so good and addicted that they actually thought the devil sent this to tempt humans to become evil.


Crazy right? Oh well.


The most interesting part for me was the cacao varieties they exist around the world. They are so many kinds of cacaos. We got to try different cacao bens from all over the world! Many of them are sweet, others not so much.

Finally, they walk you thru the “right” way to taste the quality of a chocolate bar. Factors like: smell, taste, texture and sound enter in the formula for high quality. Finally, we got to taste so many chocolates, all of them were VERY delicious!


This little town is known for one thing: Cheese! Gruyeres Cheese comes from this lovely town located in Switzerland highlands.


What makes it so beautiful? All the peace and nature combined. The mountains make a breathtaking backdrop!  Here you can see cows roaming around the green fields, among other farm animals.

Time for some delicious Fondue! Ah, nothing quite like a good fondue prepared to perfection. Each bite was to die for.

After lunch, we head over to the main town. Here we had time to explore the town on our own. Of course, Jackie and I took pictures with every corner of the town since everything is just lovely.

There are multiple restaurants to dine at and boutique hotels in case you want to spend the night in this beautiful town. You can’t go wrong at Gruyeres! Expect exceptional service and food dining options on your visit.

The town’s main avenue leads us to the chapel, following the Castle. If you have time, get inside and spend time in the museum. It’s worth the visit!

With a town as little as this one, you can’t expect for a wide variety of things to do. Tourists choose Gruyere's as a travel destination to relax. 

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  1. Abhinav Singh says

    I am not much of a chocolate fan but I am a huge cheese fan. I would like to see the Gruyeres cheese making process and of course binge on the original Swiss fondue as well. What’s not to love?

  2. Oh Mariella, you had me at the title of this post! Who doesn’t love cheese and chocolate (though not together)! I think I would stay for a very long time if I went to this chocolate factory, everything looks delicious. And as for Gruyere cheese, who doesn’t love this stuff! A stunning village too, I’ll book my ticket soon!

    • Mariella says

      Hi Lisa – Yes, I couldn’t agree more. This place is heaven if you love chocolate and cheese (oh well and travel haha) If I stayed in Switzerland for longer than a month I would return back home with 20 pounds more haha

  3. First of all, I didn’t know where Gruyeres was, so thanks for introducing the place to me. Swiz & Fondue & Chocolate go hand in hand. I’d love to go check out these places! This is so beautiful compared to the crowded touristy places of Swiz!

    • Mariella says

      Hi Bhusha – Yes, this section of Switzerland is much more calmer, smaller and relax. A lovely town to visit!

  4. What a charming (and delicious!) place! I’m a chocoholic and have no doubt I would find myself at home in such a quaint mountain town. Plus, we don’t have enough fondue in America- time to change that!

  5. Yukti says

    I have visited Switzerland but not knowing about Gruyeres. Gruyeres is really a relaxed town with lots of cheese making and chocolate making places. Seeing cows grazing in farms and other farm animals must be so delightful. I love these kind of peaceful places.

    • Mariella says

      Hi Yukti – definitely, you could feel the peace of nature in Gruyeres 🙂 and beautiful backdrop too!

  6. Oh my! Gruyeres totally is the place for me – chocolate & cheese is my absolute favorite. I had no idea that they called chocolate the drink of the devil! And ohhhh how I would love to have a delicious pot of Gruyeres cheese fondue – that sounds amazing. What a beautiful town to visit, a total must-do when I am in Switzerland next.

  7. I’ve never heard of Gruyeres but it looks like a perfect town for a day trip. As a chocolate lover I woulda really benefit from the chocolate factory tour. I would love tasting the chocolate, my favourite is the milky. The town looks picturesque too with lots of greenery surrounding it.

  8. Oh my God, I could literally eat my way through this town! Those views are absolutely beautiful, too–almost enough to make me forget how expensive Switzerland is. I’m sure your tastebuds were very happy here.

  9. Erm you had me at Cheese, Fondue & Chocolate! I ‘m a HUGE foodie and always pick travel destinations based on local cuisine, and I think this town would get a thumbs up from me. Although it’s an expensive place I’m adding to my list because the setting is so beautiful to enjoy all that fondue!

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