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“I’m Moving to Argentina…” Here’s Why:

I used to think Miami was so boring. Then I realized Miami isn’t the problem, but the only person to blame for dull social life was me. I’ve been living in this city for eight years now, and as time passed my daily life became routine – also known as: boring.

“Something has to change!” I thought. I realized I got tired of Miami and that I needed to take action to make my life more interesting. That’s when the idea of taking a few months off work to live abroad surged.

And just like that I was already planing my Argentina adventure. Here are six reasons why I chose Buenos Aires:

Reason #1 - Meet new people.

I literally don’t know anybody in this country, which will force me to go out and socialize. I am looking forward to meet new people and make some new friendships during my stay.


Reason # 2 - Beware of burnout.

My brain is fried from working in creative writing for social media. If I don’t take a break, I will most probably burnt out, explode in rage and quit unexpectedly. 

I absolutely LOVE my job in Miami - but sometimes you got to take a step back to succeed in the long run.


Reason # 3 - Things To Do

There’s a LOT of activities and things to do in Buenos Aires. From tango lessons to local cuisine classes to horse-back riding and wine tasting in South America’s finest wineries, Need we say more? (... And the list goes on and on.)

Reason # 4 - Low cost of living.

In comparison to the cost of living in the US, Argentina is a great choice for those looking to save some bucks (and buy plane tickets) with the extra cash on hand.


Reason # 5 - Weekend Getaways.

Perfect location to explore nearby countries, such as Chile and Uruguay, that I haven’t had the chance to explore yet.


Reason # 6 - Opportunity to grow & learn.

One of the main reasons why I chose Buenos Aires is because of EducacionIT - a school that focuses in Digital Marketing and computer science skills.



During my couple of months abroad, I am going to take advantage of my “free time” and use it to learn more in about computer programing and marketing tools to optimize websites. 

Interesting, huh?

I am very excited to be able to take this time off from my routined life in Miami and enjoy all the great things Argentina has to offer.

I wish for the best.


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