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My First Half-Marathon: 5 Lessons Learned

Last week I ran my first half-marathon in Miami annual Marathon race. It was AMAZING! But more on that later.

A little back story on why I decided to run the half-marathon in the first place: I needed to push myself to achieve a goal to lose weight. I gained a couple of pounds and it was getting so hard to lose loose those extra pounds. (Damm you adulthood!) That’s why I decided to start running. I found a training plan on Pinterest and that was it. I immediately signed up to the race so I don’t “change ny mind” or “back out” from achieving my goal.


I trained for 16 weeks, 3 times a week. Every week the distances got longer and the training harder. With that on mind, I lost the extra weight in only a couple of months. (Yay me!)

Here are five lessons I learned after running my first Half-Marathon:


1. Fuel-up! Always bring energy pick-me-ups to have during the race. At Km 15/Mile 9.3, I began feeling a weak. Thank goodness there were giving away samples of these at sone hydration points thought the race. That revived me an 80%!

2. You are on your own! Never depend on the people going to cheer you up. My mom was supposed to meet me at KM 10/ Mile 6 to give me a gatorade and a protein bar, but traffic made it impossible for her to be on the meet up point on time.

3. The last 4 KMs / 2 Miles are the WORST. I felt like there were never ending and all I wanted to do is cross that finish line already. At this time, my body started to feel very sore than slowed my pace at the end.

4. Practice leads to perfection! For my next half-marathon, I’ll have to train harder and reach 25 KM/ 15 Miles distances in order to finish the 21KM / 13.1 Miles “chillin”. The body remembers, so keep pushing yourself a little further every day.

5. Make sure you sign up to races that are actually known for being fun and exciting! I’ve been told that some events are not well planned and are just boring to run. Nobody wants to run in depression mood. I a happy I chose the Miami Half Marathon as my first race ever, I felt comfortable at my hometown, many of my friends and family members participated as well and it was a lot of fun!


And lastly, an special shout-out to all these fabulous runners! Especially Rachael for being the best running partner these last three months. 🎉 

One for the books. 


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