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Hotel Review: The Radisson Blu Berlin

6 Reasons Why You Should Stay In The Radisson Blu Berlin: 1. Conveniently located in the heart of Berlin’s city center. Berlin’s main happenings found in this area. 2. Amazing room views! If you’re lucky, you can wake up to the stunning Berlin’s Cathedral right outside from your balcony.   3. The Danube River’s boat tours depart right down the street from your hotel’s main entrance. 4. The interior decor is out of this world. As soon as you enter, you’ll stumble upon a giant aquarium from floor to ceiling) right in the middle of the lobby.   5. Eat to your heart’s content with their delicious in-room dining offerings! No need to worry if you get hungry after hours, the in-room service is available 24/7. (Selected menu items only.)  6. After a long day of touring Berlin, the sight of your bed brings pure happiness. About The Author Mariella Molestina Noboa The art of saying “Yes!” can take you far away. Many people pass on opportunities for many reasons, one of them being fear. …

Berlin Travel Tips

Here’s a list of useful tips I wish I knew before visiting Berlin: Tip # 1 – Cash is a MUST! The first (and most important) tip is to make sure you always have cash on you! Unlike many countries in Europe, there are a lot of business that do not take any kind of credit cards. Cash only! Usually long tours give you some extra time to have lunch, go to bathroom, drink a beer etc. around half way through the tour. In my case, we went to a café located in the middle of the park. Sadly, I couldn’t order anything because I had zero cash. It’s crazy to think that some people don’t believe in credit cards! Haha I never have cash. via GIPHY Tip # 2 – Book your stay at the Radisson Blu Berlin. Although somewhat expensive, The Radisson Blu in Berlin is the coolest hotel I’ve ever stayed at. The first thing you see when you enter the beautiful lobby is the giant fish tank in the middle of …

Berlin Knows Street Art 

Berlin, a city rich in history. But, there’s another side of Berlin that many don’t know about. Street art has become a major focus in this city. Many call it “The Modern Berlin”. Artists from around the world travel to Berlin to leave behind a piece of their artwork.  Street art is “technically” ilegal in Germany. Artists take many risks when working on their art. What kind of risks? Such as jailtime or pay a great fine. This depends if the owner of the property would like to press charges! Interesting right? Of course, many of them just get away with it or know exactly what to do to avoid getting arrested.  Check out some of my favorite street art work that I saw during my time in Berlin: