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Visiting Machu Picchu: My Experience


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It was still dark outside when I woke up to get ready for my Machu Picchu adventure. I took my backpack and gear I had planned the previous night, and head over to the hotel’s main lobby for breakfast. The tour guide was waiting for me at the hotel lobby at 4:30 AM sharp. The night before, the tour guide explained the importance of being on time the day of your Machu Picchu visit. Remember: everyone wants to get in line as early as possible to ride the bus to the main site. If you miss your time slot to ride the bus, you are screwed. Words are not enough how excited I was to finally see Machu Picchu. The sun rays were starting to lighten up the sky when I arrived to the top. After a pleasant bus ride, the guide gathered the group and start the archeological site visit of the lost city of the Incas.   I first entered Machu Picchu archeological site at around 7:30 AM. At this time, the fog …