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Travel Thoughts: You can now put your face on your suitcase. Yes, you heard right!


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Surfing the web, I came across an article by Travel + Leisure Magazine that made me laugh out loud. Literally. Apparently, this company allows you to order a suitcase with a picture of your face. Isn’t this something? Imagine being at the carrousel baggage claim and suddenly one of the suitcases looks like this: Hilarious. Considering ordering one for yourself? I am. It would definitely make someone’s day.   UrlPreviewBox   Also, there are some advantages that comes with owning a suitcase like this: 1) It would be really hard to lose it. 2) No more luggage mix-up. If this happens to you often, this suitcase cover is the answer.  3) An affordable (and hilarious) present to gift this upcoming holiday season.  Prices ranges from $25 to $40.   Shop now! Click here to order the Head Case from Firebox.  * Read full article via Insider, here. All best,  About The Author Mariella Molestina Noboa Mariella loves to write about her adventures in traveling and continues to explore new places. – Learn more. 


Travel Thoughts: If You Live In Fear, Is That Living at All? Nope.

Not too long ago, an old friend from home called me to get together and catch up. “Sure, let’s meet at 9 pm then” I said. Last time I saw her, she mentioned she wanted to go to Madrid to study abroad. When I asked her how was it? She responded: “It was great, until it lasted!” I was confused by her answer… What happened? Two weeks after her arrival to Madrid, she decided to pack all her belongings and head back home. From one day to another, she just said “I’m leaving!” I couldn’t imagine what was I hearing. But why though? “I was scared of the terrorists attacks… When I was in Madrid, there were multiple threats of attacking another city in Europe. That city could have been Madrid, so to play it safe I just decided to go back home…” Wait.. WHAT? If you live in fear, is that living at all? Fear can be a terrible thing, and it restricts us from experiencing new things in life. My mom always used …

Travel Thoughts: Boarding Passes And The Art Of Collecting Them

Fun Fact: Every time I travel I prefer to print out my boarding pass because I like to collect them all. (Is that weird?) What do you do with your boarding passes? When I was little I remember my mom always telling me: “Mariella -make sure you hold on to to your boarding pass for your scrapbook” but times have changed. Nowadays we depend on technology. Electronic boarding passes are, without a doubt, a more convenient way to travel, but what’s the fun in that? Until this day, I save every boarding pass of every flight I take. (Yes, I have a lot of them and I love them!!!)     I don’t know why but every time I take a moment to go through my collection, It makes me smile and remember the trip or the specific airplane I boarded.   For example, every time I see my boarding pass from Bangkok to Cambodia I literally laugh out loud because of my experience trying to board this plane. Long story short: I missed my …

Travel Thoughts: Time & What Really Matters

The thing is, we all think we have time… Let’s take a moment to think about time. Its curious, the perception of time can vary from person to person. For some it passes slower, for some it goes way too fast.  For me, it goes fast. Sometimes faster that I would like to. So earlier today I took a moment to really think about time. “Am I spending enough time focusing on my career? Do I spend too much time watching Netflix? “These are the type of questions I started to analyze.  You cannot recover time. I wish I could back-up my life  just like I backup my laptop. It would be great if we could just recover the time wasted in insignificant things. I’m afraid of not spending the right amount of time on things that matter.  The thing is, decisions. Life is a series of decisions and what you do with your time is up to you. Determine what you really want from life and work towards it now. Today rather than tomorrow.  So the …

Travel Thoughts: United Airlines Customer Service Gone Wrong

It’s been a very bad month for United Airlines. If you haven’t heard, the airline’s bad customer service is trending on social media. Two major scandals happened in only one month.   Scandal # 1: Two girls were denied access to board becuase they were wearing leggings.   United Airlines’ employee pointed out to the two passengers that they were inappropriately dressed to board the plane. I’m sorry, but leggings are not “inappropriate” clothing for a domestic flight. What’s inappropriate? Swimwear without a cover up, crop tops, extremely short skirts, etc.   Yes, I’ve seen multiple people wear these on flights before. What did the airline do? Nothing… Because it’s not the airline’s problem. Right?   In my opinion, inappropriate clothing would be if there’s graphic violence or pronographic scenes on someone’s shirt. I’m I right? Another example would be if the passenger’s clothes were too revealing. United Airlines apologized via social media due to the scandal. Strike 1 for United Airlines! Scandal # 2: Passenger was aggressively dragged off the plane because the airline …